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Old 11-29-2006, 08:09 PM
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Default Guidelines for posting in this forum

Not that it's a huge problem now, but I want to establish some guidelines to this forum in an attempt to avoid some of the issues I've seen on Pelican and other boards. Some of these are guidelines that the other mods and I will be enforcing, and others are simply points of common courtesy that we feel need to be upheld to maintain the spirit of this board. That said:

1. This forum is for you to advertise cars that are for sale or that you want to buy. It's not a place to bash the latest monstrosity that popped up on eBay. If you want post links to other sites to discuss the car for sale or to bash it, please do so here.

2. This is a classified forum. Discussion of what car you should buy, if someone can look at a car for you, etc, go in Tech Discussions. Post here when you have something to sell, or want to buy a specific item and are trying to find someone to sell it to you.

3. Back and forth between the seller and people interested in the car for sale is welcome and encouraged, as well as comments from others pertaining to the item for sale ("Nice car" or "I've driven this car and it's fast!", etc). Threads that go off topic will be moderated to keep them on the topic of selling the items at hand. Dorki is famous for taking every thread OT, but in this forum it actually affects the person trying to sell something.

4. If you have some snide remarks about something for sale, esp the price, keep it to yourself unless the the original poster asks for comments like "is this car overpriced" or "is my car a horribly ugly Frankenstein". If the OP doesn't ask for comments about their item, I will delete stuff like "That's way too expensive", etc.

4a. If you have a for sale ad on another site, and don't post HERE that pricing comments are welcome, I will treat that as though you DO NOT want them, regardless of what is on the other site. Don't come back angry because I deleted comments even though on page 3 of a thread on another BBS you said comments are welcome. If its not posted here, it doesn't count. The other mods and I don't have time to read all your threads on other boards to see what your intentions are. (Yes, this actually happened)

5. If you want to "test the waters" or see what something might be worth, put up a post in Tech Discussions. Post here when you want to actually sell something.

6. This is not eBay. If you want to sell something, stick a price on it. None of this "make me some offers, and if they're high enough I'll think about it" stuff. You know what you want to get for something, so price it that way. If the price is too high, then lower the price or don't sell.

Clarification: Because I got some questions on this, let me clarify. There's a difference between just having some junk in your garage and saying "Make me an offer" and "I'm selling my car, send me your offers and I'll make my decision". The idea here is that we don't want this turning into an eBay sort of thing where the seller tries to play one person of another. In the first example, the person will take the first offer over $20, so that's fine. In the second case they're trying to start a bidding war. The latter is what we want to avoid.

7. If you get sellers remorse and flake out, delete your ad. If I get complaints that you put a for sale ad up, and when someone wanted to buy you backed out because you have second thoughts and "are not ready to sell right now", I'll delete your ad. This has happened a few times here.

8. If you have a car or something for sale, but don't want to sell for a while (like until after the season), please post that in your ad.

9. If you are a private seller, you do not need to be a sponsor to advertise here.

9a. If you are a commercial or semi-commercial enterprise, and you contribute nothing to board other than your for sale ads, contact me before posting. At a minimum you will be expected that you'll help sponsor the board. This board is not free to run, and if you're using it to benefit yourself financially, you should help support it. If not, I will delete your posts. This includes not only "official" businesses like dealerships and local shops, but also guys running their parts and car flipping businesses on the side.

10. If you agree on a price for a sale, sell it. If you back out later because you "got a better offer" and screw over the original buyer, expect to be banned. You are certainly free to sell your parts to whoever you want. And I am free to kick you off the board. If you have no ethics regarding the deals you make here, we don't want you as a member. Period.

I think all of these points are common sense and are followed by 99% of all the posts here. But, since this forum will be moderated slightly different than other forums, I thought everyone should know what the ground rules are and what the mods will be enforcing. Thanks.
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