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Old 07-13-2017, 10:07 PM
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Extremely talented band....imo

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Old 07-14-2017, 11:10 AM
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Uncle ENzo

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Old 07-14-2017, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by BlackTalon View Post
I could feel my self-esteem rising, even while realizing how incorrect I was
Originally Posted by Rick V View Post
I think I like the purple, it placates my lesbian side.
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Old 07-14-2017, 12:28 PM
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Too Tall

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Old 10-12-2017, 11:04 AM
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A newer and incredible version of one of my favs. Perhaps #1 on my pre-DE-session play-list.

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Old 10-12-2017, 02:34 PM
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^That is awesome!
Jim C.

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Old 10-13-2017, 09:27 AM
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I am partial to this one as it is the new album that my son Ben released. He did all the recording and mixing and also sings and plays all the parts except for the trumpet and drums on one of the tracks. Start listening at the third track for best experience.

This album is dedicated to Steve the dog who we all miss very much

Buy it:

And streaming from Spotify and iTunes


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Old 10-13-2017, 10:41 PM
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Oh no - I wasn't aware Steve had passed away. I'm so sorry for you. I'll listen to the album dedicated to a wonderful dog.
Peter (not "Pete") K.

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Old 10-14-2017, 08:45 AM
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^^ Awesome. iTunes link doesn't seem to be working?
John V
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Old 10-14-2017, 12:17 PM
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Mozart and Strauss concert in Vienna Austria last night.

I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and a little drunk!

Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand... Homer Simpson

"That's what's keeping me out of F1.... Too much mental maturity...." N0tt0n

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

CHAOS, PANIC, AND DISORDER my work here is done...

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