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Old 11-16-2020, 08:23 PM
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Default 2011 Audi S4 Dealer Maintained Completely Stock $11,500

For Sale.

2011 Audi S4, 2 owners, All dealership serviced.

152,XXX miles.

Finished in Ice Silver Metallic over Black Nappa Leather. Equipped with DSG, Premium Plus Package, Sport Diff, Supercharged Badge, Nappa Leather, B&O stereo(I have a tune to air in the glovebox for streaming) and carbon inlays.

First owner bought the car in May of 2011. I purchased the car at 84k miles in March of 2016 @ 84k miles. I planned on owning the car until the wheels fell off but plans change. I went above and beyond on servicing to make sure that the car was right and would never leave me or my wife(who also drove the car) stranded. I have owned 6 other Audis including another S4(b5) and a B8 Avant.

My commute is mostly DC beltway driving from Northern Virginia to Silver Spring, MD where I work and the car was serviced(Audi Silver Spring, Porsche Silver Spring).

Oil Changes were done once every 5k miles with either Castrol or Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Large service items include:

Mechatronic Replacement @ 105k miles. This was exchanged not due to code issues but because the shifting felt sloppy. I do not have a receipt for this but I do have a photo of the removed unit and can get confirmation from our Audi shop foreman who did the work.

Major Service W/Plugs @ 115k miles. Ribbed belt was also replaced at this time

Preemptive valve cleaning done at 125k miles. At around 125k miles the car was starting to use 1 quart of oil per 5k miles of driving. Because of this I had the supercharger removed and the backs of the valves were cleaned. While we were in there the injectors were replaced with new OEM Parts, the water pump and thermostat. A number of other gaskets and the Air Oil Separator was also exchanged. The backs of the valves were walnut blasted and all was reinstalled with a new Supercharger belt. Following this the oil consumption was lessened to about .5 quart/5k miles. Well within factory spec.

At roughly 139k miles I decided it was time to replace the old suspension parts. I sourced a set of takeoff OEM Springs from a similar B8 S4 and installed them on the car along with Bilstein B6 shocks. All mounts were replaced along with any control arms that needed attention.

At 145k miles the flex pipes for the exhaust system were replaced(finally got annoyed with the rattle and vibration) with factory parts. I also had a DSG service done at this time as it was 40k miles since the Mechatronic was replaced.

At 150k miles a coolant pipe that spans both cylinder heads on the front of the engine was replaced due to a leak.

What is not listed here is the Michelin AS3+ tires that the car has run on since my ownership and OEM brake parts including disassembly and lubricating of the front calipers which were dragging at the last brake change.

At 152k miles the car was rear ended on the beltway. The rear bumper was replaced along with the support and bumper shocks. The car was repaired to a high level at our body shop and a “minor damage” is reported on the Carfax. To my knowledge all of the paint on metal surfaces is original and I have a paint gauge if someone is interested in seeing.

I am selling this car as I have a number of cars and always wanted a 911. Being that I am the sales manager of a Porsche Dealership, the right car fell into my lap. I would drive this S4 anywhere. The longest drives we took it on from the DC area was to Asheville, NC and Indianapolis, In. It always performed flawlessly. It does have a bit of miles but all of the work that a 110k mile car needs at this point has already been done and then some.

The car has some small dings and the front bumper could use a refinish but otherwise you would never know the car had the miles it does. Happy to answer any questions that anyone has. I have parts tickets for all of the aforementioned servicing except for the Mech unit which I can not find. I do have an instagram photo from 2017 when the work was done showing the removed part.
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Old 11-16-2020, 11:21 PM
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I’ve always heard these supercharged v6 were stout, sounds like it. Less work on it than my 4.2 and my dad’s old 2.0T B7 each with 50k less miles.
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Old 11-25-2020, 03:34 PM
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Old 11-25-2020, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Casey914 View Post
Congrats on the quick sale.
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