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Old 06-07-2021, 01:56 PM
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Default Room to rent in MD outside Beltway?

This post doesn't really fit into the subforum, but it is the closest one for it...

A friend of mine is returning to the DC area in mid July. He is looking to rent a room in an apartment or house. He's a pro cook, so 1) he can't afford much (<$1k/ month, all-in), and 2) he works late hours.

He has a car so metro-accessibility is not important, but a parking space is. His car, etc. is still registered in MD, which is why he wants a place near the DC border.

He is >40, and does not really drink. It will not be like having Mario Batali in your house.

Any leads are appreciated.

David D.
'87 Targa

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