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Old 05-15-2024, 08:51 AM
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Today we put the distributor shaft gear pin in. You drive it in and it protrudes about 1/8" on either side. Greg used a punch and hit it to make the pin swell in the gear- that took about 1/8" of the excess off and then he ground the remainder. That puppy is not going to come out without drilling it out. We then put the new rotors on and installed the distributor after once again confirming both rotors are properly timed. Then we connected the coil wires and that was a wrap for the ignition.

Then we installed the new throttle cable clip- nice and easy.

Then we installed the new electric thermostat for the oil cooler and secured the lines to the trunk wall with a riv-nut. Nice and tidy. This thermostat will turn the fans on/off automatically. We are also going to wire switch with an LED indicator to override that in the event I want to manually turn them on/off.

Then we pulled out the transaxle to address a output shaft seal leak that we had been unable to completely stop. We installed a speedi-sleeve (Stoddard) on the output shaft and then a new seal on the transaxle and reassembled. It feels like it should not leak again- fingers crossed. Then I cleaned up the transaxle so it will be ready to install once we get the crankshaft ignition sensor bracket that we realized we were missing. Order that from Gaudin and hope to have it by the weekend. The we can install that and then install the transaxle.
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