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Old 05-06-2024, 08:36 AM
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I looked at cheap migs a while back. I just could not turn down a $40 deal thinking I could use it to do some quick fixes to exhaust hangers and so forth. The tig attachment for this unit may cost more than the unit so not planning to go down that route.

Originally Posted by alw20147 View Post
It really depends on what your welding needs are. If just to learn, then the arc/stick welding capability be fine for regular carbon steel up to 1/8-3/16. As the tig function, touch/scratch start is very hard to do and if learning, you will spend more time restriking an arc than focus on tig techniques.

Does that unit accept gas? if not the tig welds will need excessive heat for it to fuse/melt together and will be very porous. I failed my welding tech cert 2x due to porosity - gas pressure too low the first time and lack of penetration - heat too low the second. Luckily third time was a charm.

I find myself gravitating to the mig for most mild steel and the tig for stainless and aluminum.
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