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I dig the one at towson more than this one... Maybe if it were polar silver.
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Originally Posted by TurboPooch View Post
Nice car but agreed the asking price is a bit high. I think jsheiry is on target. I will say I like to see the prices creeping up on 968's and nice 944 variants, especially since I have a couple of them laying around. It was an interesting take at TechTactics two years ago when Nathan Merz, PCA's car value expert, talked about some of the crazy pricing that was going on with BAT and other auction houses. This was right after a 5k mile pearl white 944 turbo sold for $70K. One of the points he made was that some of the people that are paying goofy money for water cooled front engined P-cars are younger folks who have now become successful with cash flow and basically grew up when Supras, RX-7's, Integra's, and 944T's were the hot cars. Air cooled 911's are just for the old dudes. After I thought about it I think he's right. That's probably why there is a 70's Mustang sitting in my garage. Was the baddest looking car on my block when I was riding my Schwinn spider bike back and forth....
I’ve thought something similar over the years while watching various markets. As certain age groups got more disposable income, cars of their youth start jumping in price. See muscle cars in the early/mid 2000s. My SIL’s husband grew up when C2 Corvettes were THE car, and he is obsessed with them, and is restoring a split window to NCRS specs himself. Now my age group is getting disposable income and the cars I’ve wanted for a long time are shooting up in price, which is really annoying.

I was barely a teenager when the 964 came out, and I thought it was beautiful. So modern compared to the impact bumpers. And while I loved the SC I had, the 964 was always the dream, and the #1 car I had to own. (Though, honestly, a WB is still #1. NB is 1.5)

NSX too. I remember sitting in one in the 90s at a dealer, and that view in and out still sticks with me. Prices have shot up, though, just like all 90s cars. I’d love to have one, and love looking at modified ones, but it’s not quite at the level of the 964 where I had to have it enough to accept the price increases.

I would love to have a FD RX7 too. Had an Integra, had a 951 (debating another one), had a 300zx, had an E36 M3 (debating another one). So while I appreciate most cars, cars of my teenage years tend to have more passion and desire associated with them.

1993 964
2017 M3
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