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That is beyond cool.
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Turned the grader blade into a sort of hybrid box blade with some scraps and 2 leftover snow plow shoes. The grader blade works fine for some things but it moves up and down and adds ripples as the tractor wheels go over things. This makes for wavy gravy gravel and real frustration when laying down new gravel.
Each pass simply reflects the old bumps into some new ones 1/3 a tractor away from the old ones.
A proper box blade has skids on the sides that let it float and follow the road grade. It also has sides that keep the material from spilling out. I needed something that shaves off the high spots, pulls it along and lets it fall into the low spots. Just something enough to fix washboard and light wash out at bay. I also like to keep some crown in the road so at times I wanted to be able to have a lot of adjustment. A slight angle of the blade to the road center and a lot of lift on the center side and the gravel goes back from the sides to center. Slammed everything up rough and took it out for a test.
Had to stiffen it up a bit. The pivot and side slide adjustments introduced a lot of flex that translated into a saw tooth chatter pattern in the gravel. Another round of metal work and test 2.
Kicks ass! One pass down and back and all the washboard and trickle tracks are gone. Added a couple of scoops of gravel to a low area and it distributed it just right in 2 passes with no echo ripple patterns from the tires following the existing bumps. Not a true box blade but it now covers the present need.
Windy and Mig don't get along and it shows in some of the little welds done outside. I am resisting the city boy urge to wire wheel it and give it a coat of paint...
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