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Originally Posted by somdcroc View Post
A couple of years ago we were sent a letter with that and many other "rules" and stated that one was considered an "industry standard" . My understanding is that they are always under scrutiny by their insurance companies--hence why they don't allow convertibles/cabs without fixed rollover protection.

When FSR had an event a few years ago after getting this letter we had to sign something with Danny (our regular VIR Pit-out/Control guy) stating we would accept the risk-- but until then he was watching for drivers in "track cars" with just t-shirts.

BTW--lots of changes in VIR in the last year or so. New track manager, new security lead, new safety/emergency services lead, new/contracted food service, charging camping fees for drivers that sleep in their trailers, etc..

Kerrigan and Connie have also implemented changes (or increased enforcement) that are safety related such as the traffic circle at Paddock entrance, the one way direction in the paddock alleys, enforcement of people bedding their brakes/doing cool down on the roads at the track (especially when Connie and Kerrigan's mom are out doing their morning walks together), etc. The movement of the air compressor to the gas pump area (now requiring driving across gravel) and others are not so popular.

On the other hand, the track services team has lots of experience (from this past weekend alone at the SRO GT World Challenge event) repairing tire walls and armco barriers--they were extremely busy.
As a past DE Chair for PCA Potomac, the rule was no pop up roll bars allowed without a fixed one, hoops as per Boxster HAD to have the Brey Krause bar. However the renting/sanctioning body Could sign a waiver to allow pop up cabriolets in, May have changed in the last few years.
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