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Old 09-13-2017, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Der ABT View Post
Overall laps look pretty good, cool and calm hands decent patience on throttle,....patience to throttle is a hard one to master but pays dividends not lifting

Get your shifting done a little earlier if possible, a few times seems like you distract yourself from turn in trying to get a shift done last second

Turn 1, dont roll into the corner so much (aka slow turn in) go in a little later and turn in with faster hands will allow you to hug the apex longer and later....which theb allows you to not use that much exit track left...track gets more and more off camber and greasy out there on the left

5a, right hand entry to sanke.....use the inside curbing more again later turn in with faster hands to almost throw the car in...lets you get on throttle earlier and all the way to top of esses.

Turn 7 (first right-hand esse) attack that more, basically straight line jump over curbing....sets up the next two to be less turn.

Hogpen there is a few line and throttle adjustments but in general done well.

You definitely have 12 or less in those laps, I'll bet if you pull up your best potential or possibly rolling lap it's an 11 or maybe even a 10

Hope this isn't too much
Not too much info and all makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to watch and review. I love getting info and ideas to improve.


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Thanks for sharing, Brad!
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