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Old 09-06-2021, 07:00 PM
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Default FS: 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

With mixed emotions, I am looking to sell the 944 Turbo. I bought the car with plans to track it, and for various reasons I have decided that I am out of the DE game for the indefinite future. However, I love driving the car, and figured I would keep it up as a pleasure cruiser and occasional autocrosser. Then this Labor Day weekend my wife got me rethinking that plan.

For many years, Susan's work truck has doubled as her personal vehicle. This year she is separating out the personal from the business, and she has expressed interest in getting a daily driver. She has indicated she wants something sporty--not another truck. This weekend, we were talking about it, and she suggested that if I sell the 944 we can get something nice that we can share and autocross. I have her on board for a new Toyota GR86. I have to encourage this train of thought, and go with it!

So, the 944 is for sale. The price tag says $15,500 at this time.


The odometer is just shy of 141,000 miles.
The outside is Zermatt Silver, and the interior is burgundy.
I plan to sell it with the Fuchs wheels.

Here is a link to more pictures.

Karl's post from January has lots of information. I recommend you read it over, and read the links he included with more information.

The car was pretty nice when I bought it from Karl, and it is even nicer now. Here is a list of things I have done since purchase in January:

*New radiator with various hoses and fan switch.
*New water pump and thermostat.
*According to service records, new timing belts were installed by IMA Motorwerke on 8/7/18 at 138,131 miles. Belts were tensioned with factory tool after installation of the water pump, which was after the car had been driven approximately 1,500 miles. Belts should be set for a while now.
*New axle assemblies.
*New clutch slave cylinder. I installed a new starter while I was in there.
*New Kenwood head unit; Retrosound R-463N speakers in the front; Infinity REF-6432cfx speakers in the back.
*I replaced a clunking adjustable front sway bar with a 27 mm S2/968 sway bar, and I put a 19 mm M030 3-way adjustable sway bar in the rear.
*I installed a MOMO steering wheel (now the turn signal cancels!), and I have an original 4-spoke steering wheel, but it needs to be recovered.
*I replaced the shift lever and the linkage at the transaxle, thus removing slop from the shifter. Feels pretty tight now.
*New Porsche battery.
*I replumbed the windshield washers and installed new nozzles.
*New SS brake lines at all four wheels.

The paint looks pretty good, but it definitely ain't show quality. The interior is in really good shape, and the dash has minimal cracks. It is a 35-year-old car!

The sunroof is not opening; I have not tried to troubleshoot that, and I probably won't bother.
The cruise control doesn't work.

Brake pads are thick, but can be a bit squeaky at times.

As far as I can tell, everything else is in pretty good order. The AC is working nicely. It is running great, and it goes when you put your foot down--as long as you are over ~3,500 rpm!

I have a set of four 16x8 early phone dials with 225/50 Yoko Advan A052 tires. Dates on two are 4419, and the other two are 0321. Almost new. Will sell the wheels with car for an additional $500. Will place a separate ad for them at some point.

It's a really nice car, and I would love to spend more time with it. But, if Susan is up for turning it into a new GR86, I will work with her on that
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