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Old 10-22-2019, 09:54 AM
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Default Anyone ever replace engine lid release cable in 996?

The cable for my engine compartment lid is "sticky" and not returning to position after I open the lid. After opening the lid, I have to push on the latch to set it back into position before closing the lid. Not a major problem, but something I would like to fix.

I have removed the latch itself, and it appears to work fine. Everything moves freely. Therefore, I think the problem is in the cable.

I purchased a replacement cable, and last weekend I hoped to install the new cable. However, I didn't get very far. I had already been through the process of freeing the cable from the latch in the engine compartment--that is simple enough. I went ahead and dug into the release lever on the floor by the driver--no problem.

The problem is that I can't follow the routing of the cable. It looks like I might need to remove various panels from the rear, driver's side part of the passenger compartment. Maybe not that big of a hassle, though my roll bar makes it a bitch to access the rear of the car. Routing the cable through the engine compartment looks like a hassle, as well.

Anyway, before I try again and just start taking things apart, I wonder if anyone has been here before and can give advice.
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