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Old 12-23-2019, 04:12 PM
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Great color

78 SC, the 'Red Car'
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Old 12-24-2019, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
Welcome! Great looking 911!

Originally Posted by tomfree View Post
Brandon - whereabouts in the Bay area? I spent 2 years in Marin County.
I was south in the Palo Alto area.

Originally Posted by Patrick3000 View Post
Welcome Brandon

Nice car!

Originally Posted by HoodPin View Post
Beautiful car Brandon! Welcome to the sandbox.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by forklift View Post
Welcome Brandon! Look forward to see you at the track next year. Nice car, I have heard great things about the T, esp. tuned ones.
Looking forward to it as well. A proper tune does wonders.
991.2 Carrera T
991.1 GT3 (sold)
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Old 01-08-2020, 09:00 PM
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I should introduce (sp!) myself. I have one of 12 986 Boxster S in viola metallic. Was looking for an uncommon color and boy did my wife succeed on that! It also has sport design interior, HIDs, turbo twists, and a couple of other nice extras. Last year I was planning to supercharge my DD - a 2000 BMW 528iT but the desire for a 928 won out. So now I have a Porsche collection - not something I ever envisioned! I wanted a blue one but didn't have enough patience to find one with no sunroof and with a mantrans, so I bought a white driver 3 months ago. I've been busy ever since getting it to a place where I hope it is reliable. In the process I believe I uncovered that it's original color was ... blue! Hellblau to be specific. That wasn't an official 928 color in 1978 but it was a color for a 911 of that year. So I'm guessing it was special ordered. I'll get a Porsche COA or whatever come April. For now it is GP white with black interior. I've replaced some dangerous fuel lines, the brake lines, some lights (the headlights were terrible sealed beams!), axle CV boots (a prior job failed to replace all 8 gaskets!), and trans lube, installed a SS kit, and am about to install interior LEDs, and replace the rear shocks since it bottomed out at some point. Need to replace some less dangerous fuel and PS hoses, and do the TB/WB job before too long. Long term I hope to get pasha interior and repaint it to original, over the next 3 yrs.
if you read all that then I'll add my name is Scott and i live in York Co., PA.
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Old 01-09-2020, 08:37 AM
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Welcome Brandon and Scott!
- 1970 914-6
- 1987 924S
- 2000 Boxster
- 1987 944
- 1978 911 Euro SC
- 1976 914 2.0
- 1970 914 1.7 / 2056cc
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Old 09-23-2020, 03:03 PM
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I’m Tim
I’m from Pennsylvania. I have owned Micro Sprint 600s, a Xcel Modified 600, LTR450 Race Quad and more. I hobby around with race car parts and accessories. Including buyouts and part outs and out of business buys. It’s a family hobby.
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