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Old 06-04-2019, 02:57 PM
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Default Any Network Admins Out There - Looking for Tips in Mac Integration And Gsuite

Hi all,

Any network/security/other types who have experience they might be able to share on bring Macs into a Windows environment, and also separate questions on migration to Gsuite?

Primarily looking for some tribal knowledge, tips on the transition, and questions like do you let people be admins on their Macs, Personal Apple IDs, Active Directory, what security settings etc.

We're a small company of about 40 and are starting a POC with 5-6 users to see how this may work, and what the pitfalls and support costs/support load is going to be as we have little to no mac experience on the IT side as well as in much of the user community.

Before you ask, the CEO and CTO have said they want macs....ergo we will look at Macs!

PM me if you have 30 minutes you might be able to spare for some really basic questions to help us set a baseline.

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Old 06-10-2019, 10:11 PM
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JAMF is pretty much industry standard for management of Macs.
Hopefully your AD domain name doesn't end in .local.
Local admin is always bad, be it Windows or MacOS, in most cases. That stance varies by industry and role, obviously.
Personal Apple IDs are a very mixed bag. iCloud (Drive, Keychain, etc.) can be of great concern. Not letting your folks have access to password managers and useful applications can be another. I believe JAMF allows for some flexibility there.

I'm not really in the space you are looking for expertise in, though. Hopefully you have someone eager to learn, or, and this is common in the VC/tech world, can poach one of the good people from an Apple store.

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