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I have used ASG almost exclusively for over 10 years (a race car, a heavily prepped DE car, and a street car). I had my last service this March and highly recommend them.

To me it's a matter of what you want from the service.

1) If you want basic maintenance done, there is no a lot of difference between independent shops or the dealer.

2) If you are really interested in tracking your car, then a good shop can help you with mods and setup. You get good advice here and some (and definitely not all) other forums - but a good honest shop is what you really need.

As other mentioned, all shops listed are very good. They each have slightly different philosophy. Some can be more pushy and suggest $$$ upgrades sooner, while others try to hold back until you can use the upgrade. It's as much a style there is nothing wrong either case (esp. if your wallet can afford the former).

Dealers do good work and similar prices too. They just don't know how fast/slow you are on track to give you good advice. (Good independent shops will tell you you don't "need" anything more yet with a 1:2x lap at Summit).
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