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Originally Posted by Goggles Paesano View Post
My personal opinion. Unless you are data logging and making scientific analysis, lap times only matter for the session you just did. Don't compare session to session. So many variables you can't control can make you think you are doing better or worse if you compare session to session and event to event.
I realize you try to establish a baseline from the car, but the track is different, weather/temps differ, etc.
On the flip side, no substitute for seat time.
Also, I don't time laps because the high numbers make me sad.
Agreed, there are many variables but despite this there is a linear rate of progression across 2 tracks. I've taken Ross Bentley's advice and picked up ApexPro as a learning tool. In another post I explain how the data is easily imported to Track Attack but there are few people sharing lap times for me to compare data from faster drivers especially those with the same set-up as my car. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting observation and maybe someone might be inclined to do the same.
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