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Having logged a few miles driving and now a few coaching, collecting alot of laps and data along the way....
Not sure of youve attended any of my data talks but best laptime is not the best measure.

You really should be looking at consistency more than anything....if you can only do 1 lap at a 1:25 at summit and the rest are 130 and above......sometimes you get lucky.
When you learn to progress your skills....and REPEAT them over and over, thats when you see progression.

Thats really a good bit of the addiction.....soo many variables must be done just right.
For example, look at your theoretical best many tenths off are you....... 0.3 to 0.5 should be the goal with a Fast lap, not just an easy lap......if your 9 or 10 tenths you wont get it right everylap.....often when someone is learning you see .6 to 1.5 off their best lap, which then opens the door to picking low hanging fruit to work on.

Data has actually been around a long while in different forms.....i used to have a 8mm camcorder and video tap every run to watch and compare to friends later.
Now with GPS, laptiners, etc....its just more powerful....

But take a cheap gopro or knock off, video your run and sit down with someone or hire someone to review it.....ive done it fairly get some good things to work on you may not see....

Sorry to preach
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