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Originally Posted by Mark Hubley View Post
Looks like I'm not the first to post here looking for opportunities in engineering. My son, Nick, is in his junior year at the University of Maryland, and he is on the mechanical engineering track. I figure it is time to start looking for some opportunities for internships. I see David D. made some suggestions in a different thread, and I will look into those. Nick has been expressing interest in ME related to cars, so if anyone has any ideas or contacts along those lines, let me know. That being said, I don't think we will be too picky.
Has Nick checked out GM's internships? I know they post MechE internships on LinkedIn, and the interns I've met there have had some interesting opportunities to work with the business beyond engineering (in Finance, Advanced analytics, etc).

I don't have any special "in" when it comes to their engineering department, but happy to offer what insight or help I can
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