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I bought a '13 135i convertible, manual transmission ~2 years ago. Has ~60k miles.

Strong, smooth engine (300hp, 300 ft lb)
30mpg highway
Decent manual transmission
Good suspension. Firm but not harsh for a daily commute (ditch the run-flats and just put a spare in the trunk)

Doesn't have the connected steering feel of old BMWs
Plasticy, creeky interior
Oil leaks
Other reliability issues (the PO had replaced the water pump and catalytic converter. Expensive at a shop)
Intake valves get buildup and have to be walnut blasted occasionally
It's more of a highway cruiser than back road stormer, which might be what you need

Because not many were sold and the current low price, many cars have been neglected, but be patient and you can find a decent one.
Jerome Welte
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