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Default X73 Sport Suspension installer

Please be nice to me, this is my first post. I'm picking up the cheapest CPO Boxster in the country next week, a 2014 Base. I got tired of waiting for one with PASM or X73, so I got this one with electric seats that I can raise high enough to see all the cones I'm hitting.

I'm probably going to buy the X73 suspension, but I need to find an installer. I have always taken my BRZ to Pure Automotive, who are experts in that platform. They are also only like a mile from my house, which is a bonus. Would you take a Boxster to them for suspension work? The install is a little complicated from what I have read, removing subframes, etc.

I am counting on my newb status and your good nature to prevent you from giving me some kind of Pcar noble society lecture about only letting certain people touch the car. I don't have the car yet, so please let me know if that rule applies to all aspects of the marque, or just complex jobs that require special tools and skills.

Thanks, Merrill
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