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Hey now, you're giving us WNY'ers a bad rap.
Those were all legit bikes.

Originally Posted by Cliff Claven View Post
oh wait, i know. there was a guy i knew of back in the late 70's when i was working at the chevy plant up in tonawanda, he drove a trans am and every few months he had a brand new harley with no title that he used to auction off. and the way it worked, the winner would find some poor schmo who'd had a harley stolen and had no insurance, and so he'd buy that guy's title for a few hundred, and then there was a guy in cheektowaga with a set of the correct harley VIN dies, with the funny 2 that looks like a Z and all, and for a hundred he would grind off the vin on the frame and motor and tap in one to match the title. just sayin....
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