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Thanks for all the info. I've got some calls in to these different shops.

Street class in the SCCA doesn't allow more than one swaybar change and does not allow lowering springs or camber plates. The beauty of the X73 is that it was an available option, so you can legally lower your car and do both swaybars and still run in the street class. You could even drop some more coin on a different front bar on top of that X73, I suppose. Of course, even a couple thousand dollars of mods will probably not affect my driving skills, but at least I'll have a much more aesthetically pleasing wheel gap in the paddock!

I spent too much time looking thru the original window stickers on vinanalytics and I'm cracking up that so many people could option a Base 981 up to $70k on power seats, infotainment, headlights, colored seatbelts and dashboards and never check the box for suspension or exhaust. hahahaha Oh well, maybe I'll see you in a parking lot somewhere soon.

Thanks again, Merrill
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