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Originally Posted by Casey914 View Post
We replace the coils on about 1/3 of the cars we do plug jobs on for CPO, they crack(due to age) and need replacing. Not a big deal.
when you get a cpo car, you expect service to be up to date. i got the car from suncoast. they said they did cpo service and put new tires on it. with 7400 miles. i found it needed an alignment, which should have been done when then did the tires. it needed a diff change, and an oil change. these things should have been done simply based on age. the door panels are coming unglued at the window line, a known problem, which should have been addressed with the cpo. i am also having some issues with the rear hatch latch. the trim fit around the oil fill cap makes it hard to access. the driver window switch sometimes takes a couple presses to get down. i really like the car, but this has not been a great experience so far. i think i owe porsche a letter. at least my first two cpo pcars were good.

rant done.

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