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Originally Posted by Varejao17 View Post
I think it would be helpful, Aaron, if you introduced yourself - from searching, I see you are the PCA National Treasurer - but with only 4 posts here, and none which describe your background and experience, most casual readers will have no context in which to assess your advice.

As you know, it's sometimes hard to match the name to the face at a DE.
Ed, I would be happy to introduce myself. Thanks to the power of Google you are correct that I am PCA's National Treasurer. As part of that duty I over see the National DE Committee. I will be celebrating my 28th year in PCA this May and have been involved in DE form the beginning. I am a second generation PCA member so I got my start DE'ing thanks to my father who was also my instructor. I have been instructing for 15+ years and completed the PCA National Instructor Training program in 2004.
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