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Default Seems like a good place to put this.

After each session at SPM, I checked my tire pressures and how much patch was actually scrubbing the pavement.
82 SC Basically stock suspension lowered ride height 3.0 stock
Goodyear eagle F1 front 205-55-ZR16
Rear GE F1 225-50-ZR16
pressure start front cold 32 rear 34 ( I did this on purpose so I could have a starting point and not have to add pressure through the day)
Left ~2" of tire surface unscathed loose as hell on the track

2nd warm pressure adjustment.
Front 30 rear 32
Left~1" of tire surface unscathed better but still loose.

3rd warm
Front 28 rear 30 Cold the next morning (26F and 29R)
Full contact and much more predictable in hard cornering although....
I would NOT recommend Goodyear Eagle F1s for anything other than street driving. They just did not hold the corners well and got really greasy after 4+ laps. They feathered badly on the drivers side front and rear I believe from pushing it through the carosel.
Here is a a couple pics of the contact patches.
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