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Vicegrip 06-11-2018 08:31 AM

36 gallon bow front fish tank. complete system with fish. $50
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This is a complete system with over sized long run cycle German designed and made filtration, high quality thermal control, LED lighting and automatic water makeup with storage. I used to make and sell pro saltwater systems and built this one to those standards. It is designed for long term bio load support with little system maintenance. The filter service cycle is 6 months or more between cleanings and cleaning is mess-less and simple to do. The canister filter is disconnected from the system via a double ball valve connected with no spilling of water. The filter is then placed in the kitchen sink. You open it up and gently rinse the reusable foam. Put everything back together, reconnect it to the tank and done. 20 min, no muss no fuss. To do a water change you set up a siphon and drain water from the tank. As you remove water the auto make up treats and replaces it. No buckets. ;) The water make up tank can be filled by hand and it also has a auto fill system that can be hooked up to house water via a 1/4 line. This setup has never ever failed, leaked or let the bio load down. Feed, change water as needed, clean the glass as needed and clean the filter every 6 months to 1 year. Everything is labeled and it is simpler than it looks in the image.

Right now it has 5 or so medium angel fish that were little specks when they were introduced. The angels will grow into a good looking school in a year or 3. Angels are "personable" fish. They see you as you walk into the room, get happy and follow you around from inside the tank. They are chill and glide around mid water. It has been scientifically proven that simply watching a fish tank can lower you blood pressure. (that part is for real)
You can paint with fish. I planned the small school of slender danios for upper water fast visual action and a mix of other fish to fill in the corners and along the bottom. There is a 5 year old ice clear ghost cat that comes out, slinks around and then slips back into his lair when you feed the fish. This is a good trick when you have little kids visiting. Sprinkle a little food in and ask them to find the "Ghost".
This system has never seen any chemical treatments, illness, parasites or mechanical issues. It was "fishless" bio cycled and the occupants loaded after it was fully cycled. It is years long term stable and has the bio and mechanical cap for more fish. I would add 5 or so slender danios and 3 rosy barbs. Please, don't add a pleco "sucker fish" regardless of what the guy at Pet-smart says they do not clean tanks, they are fish poop machines and grow way too big.

If you ever wanted to have a visually pleasing, calm, planned out fish tank without the mess and frustration of setting up and cycling one this is it.

The $50 is way less than the cost of the system. Back when I was building systems this would run far more turn key. I am not looking to get money for it so much as make sure that it ends up with someone that Wants it and will enjoy it. anyone that has ever tried and failed as a beginner fish keeper will see what this set up offers. I know the tricks of the trade for moving tanks and systems and can help you move it.

N0tt0N 06-11-2018 09:18 AM

Next VG Family Project: DIY Hydrogen Fuel Cell with Cold Fusion Primary Driver.

Vicegrip 06-11-2018 09:28 AM

D00d My boy Ryan found a $50 fuel cell on line. It is about 4X4 inches
I thought it was going to be a slightly disappointing gadget that sort of showed the principles of the process. Oh hell no. It kicks ass. You can watch it fill up the H and O2 tanks with voltage applied. When the system is set to gen power you watch the gas tanks go down as the motor or LEDs work. We have been driving it with a PV bank and running a fan just cuz.

So far the cold fusion has been a bit of a stumper.......

BlackTalon 06-11-2018 10:52 AM

I have seen this tank/ set-up in person and it is very nice. $200 is way, way, way better then just a 'smokin' deal'

Der ABT 06-11-2018 01:04 PM

Nice looking set up, ranco temp controller, if it doesnt sell here look at a site called WAMAS

Eplebnista 06-11-2018 01:14 PM

That is a smoking deal. I would be in except the fish tank was what I had to give up as a hobby before the wife would agree to buying the P-car.

Too Tall 06-11-2018 03:26 PM

Shades of my past. That is a smokin' deal.
Tell me you knew Sam Holtgraver and I'm going to keel over.

Vicegrip 06-25-2018 08:53 PM

New price.

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